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  • Area Chair: Crystal D.
  • Area Vice-Chair: Open
  • Area Secretary: Stef R.
  • Area Vice-Secretary: Open
  • Area Treasurer: Brendan R.
  • Area Vice-Treasurer: Kathy W.

  • RCM: Nancy U.
  • Alternate RCM: Will A.

  • Hospitals and Institutions Chair: Mary Ann R.
  • Hospitals and Institutions Vice-Chair: Open
  • Literature Chair: Betty Jo H.
  • Literature Vice-Chair: Sandy F.
  • Policy Chair: Gerald W.
  • Policy Vice-Chair: Georgeanna W.
  • Public Relations Chair: Chris W.
  • Public Relations Vice-Chair: Open
  • Unity Chair: Dawn B.
  • Unity Vice-Chair: Scott G.
  • Unity Treasurer: Jan A.
  • Unity Vice-Treasurer: Open